Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thrilling adventure part 2

read on...if you dare.

suddenly boulder the bad got out a remote and pushed the big red button on it. The stairs boulder the great was rolling on turned into a slide and he rolled down itand through the room. He rolled SMACK into his game system, on whichthey had been previously playing...

when he looked up he found his house ruined and boulder the bad gone.

Boulder the greats eyes narrowed...


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thrilling adventure Part 1

This is the first of a two part story. Read on...if you dare.

a great power rose through the forest, tearing down trees as it went. a great booming could be hear by the valiant boulder the great.
Suddenly a black shape loomed over him, its huge teeth moving as it breathed, pouring out a foul smelling breath. Boulder the great yelped. The monster rolled after him as he rolled across the ground. The brave boulder hit the finish line at 136mph, once again boulder the great had won!

Boulder the bad threw down his gamepad as boulder the great did a victory roll.
"well i need some sleep," said the victorious boulder.
Smiling a chuckling to himself boulder the bad watched him roll up the stairs*

*not actually possible.
The End of part 1
*dramatic music*

More stories

once apon a time lived an evil boulder, aptly named, boulder the bad. He was a big black boulder with red eyes. he was created forthe soul pupose of...destroying boulder the great.he did.

The end.


heres another great picture...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Intro to the boulder saga

it all started long ago...
after the afropig created me, i spent along time working out how to destroy my arch enemy, boulder the great.
this is an artists conception of me devouring him....

welcome to boulder the bad!

boulder the great, a small pebble compared to me!
*manical laug
i am boulder the bad; an evil black rock, who had a spell cast on him by a pig with an afro.....
ever since then i have been trying to capture boulder the greats creators, Ashl and boulder!

here is a short movie about me and boulder the great.

im the black, evil looking one, boulder the great is the yellow idiot.